Gabrielle Nykol (lilgabbymac) wrote in girlfighters,
Gabrielle Nykol

Awesome Students

I have set up my school through the local university.  It has a few drawbacks to a commercial school, but the fact that I can teach my art and allow my students to affordably train makes up for it.  The school is open to students and non-students alike, and I generally have between 15-20 people.  Because i have to bring all of my equipment to each class It makes it difficult to tote around things like a Kamiza.  So last year my students got together pitched in their money and built me a small portable kamiza it has room in it for certificates to be stored when there is a testing. For the past year when i show up one of my students greets me and takes and sets up the Kamiza.  This is all stuff they have done on their own initiative. I am extremely lucky to have the students that I do. They truly honor me by allowing me to teach them.  This year a group of them got together and built me a portable weapons rack.  It holds 22 bos or 11 bos and a variety of other weapons.  I'm excited to use it, it was an extremely thoughtful gift.

Anyway, it made me feel good and I thought I'd share some of my warm-fuzzies with the story.  I hope you all have a happy holidays.

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