Gabrielle Nykol (lilgabbymac) wrote in girlfighters,
Gabrielle Nykol

A question from one of my students.

During class, I am often amazed at Sensei's and other's skills in martial arts and often think about how to improve myself to their level. Many of our fellow classmates have a multidisciplinary background. For example, Sensei started out in Shotokan. When I eavesdrop on the people in class who come from different backgrounds and are offering up insights, it often gives me a desire to start a new style to further expand my knowledge. I then hit myself upside the head because I still have so much more to learn from Shorin Ryu (not to mention I would like to sleep once in a while ). My question to all of you is multifold:

1. Have you ever thought of trying another style. If so which style and why
2. If you have no desire to try another style, why?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages to learning one style vs many?

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