Gabrielle Nykol (lilgabbymac) wrote in girlfighters,
Gabrielle Nykol

Good subject ideas for a paper.

Hello ladies,

It's been awhile since I've been on so many of you recent regulars won't recognize me.  Anyway I am an instructor for a Shorin Ryu karate school.  I am of the belief that martial arts is more than just kicking and punching to truly know the are you should stud the history of your art as well as others.  I require my green belts to write me a one page paper on things such as the history of a specific kata or weapon.  My black belts are required to write me a 7 page paper on subjects ranging from the paraellel between martial arts and flower arranging, to the impact Bruce lee made to the martial arts, to the history of the rise of shaolin.

I also give out random questions for them to research and answer which is easily answered on one or two short paragraphs.

I'm starting to run short on ideas for subjects, I would love any help you could give me.

Thanx in advance.

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