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Developing jumping for kicks

I'm about six months out from testing for Cho Dan, and one of the things that can potentially hold me back are my jumping kicks.  While I can perform them just fine, I'm just not getting enough height off the ground.  I've been working on folding the lower leg a little more quickly to give the illusion of height, but I'm reaching the limit of my "hang time".  I definitely need to start focusing more on developing my strength to get what I need.

Do you gals have any suggestions on exercises I can do to increase my jumping height and hang time?

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I would try/suggest you practice jumping. Straight up and onto an elevated object. ie, you jump from the ground straight up to the third step of a set of stairs, then jump back, making sure to hit your bum with your heals while in the air and tucking your knees as far towards your chest as you can. Do this until it becomes 'easy' then try to jump four steps. This should strengthen your thigh muscles enough to propel you far enough into the air plus teach you to get your feet off the floor.
Squats and lunge-walks! Anything to increase your thigh muscle strength is good.
Seconded. Maybe add some donkey/calf raises.

I also used to practice wushu, one of the exercises we did was to just run three steps across the floor and jump up as high as we could, over and over again. I guess this would be like plyometrics but I don't think we necessarily thought about it that way.


May 2 2010, 17:58:59 UTC 6 years ago

Plyometric work and Olympic lifts will help significantly in terms of increasing speed-strength, which in turn will allow you to jump more explosively.

If you don't have access to the equipment to do the Olympic lifts safely, I'd recommend doing a couple months of basic strength training (squats and lunges were mentioned above), and then incorporate lower-body plyometric drills once or twice a week, at the beginning of a workout.
Bounce on the spot and try to reach the ceiling.

A lot.